During the day and if that is beautiful and sunny, you can leave your room and opt for a swim at the Naxos Camping swimming pool.

Here, just in front of Naxos Camping, you will find a unique combination of wave venue and waist deep lagoon, as well as reliable onshore wind, warm sea, superb climate and a lively town side by side.

Awarded with the "blue flag" and just a few minuter from Chora of Naxos, the beach of Agios Georgios of Naxos is the best choice for those who do not want to leave the city.

Το Naxos Camping παρέχει πλήρης οργανωμένη reception, που είναι πρόθυμη να σας εξηπηρετήσει σε κάθε σας επιθυμία.

Naxos Camping has a self-service cafe-bar - restaurant with variety of menus

Summer Jobs

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Προσφορες για Group

group offersΜοναδικές προσφορές για γκρούπ.


8am - 10pm (Work days)
8am - 6pm (Sat. - Sun.)
P.: + 30 2285023113
               F.: + 30 2285023113




Naxos Camping,

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