Naxos camping is the closest camping site in Naxos Town, opposite Agios Georgios Beach and 3 km away from Agios Prokopios beach. The complex has a camping site, caravan sites, fully equipped studios - appartments with sea-view, hostels and bungalows that cover every taste of accommodation.
Naxos camping is a busy tourist community offering all the amenities you may need for your stay, travel information and tickets, a modern swimming pool, as well as car rental - motorbikes.

  • Resturant
  • Pool
  • Cooking Facilities
  • Electricity
  • Ironing Facilities
  • TV (to studios and appartments, reception)
  • First Aid
  • Post Office
  • Exchange office
  • Reception - Infos
  • Wi-Fi

Summer Jobs

summer job


Προσφορες για Group

group offersΜοναδικές προσφορές για γκρούπ.


8am - 10pm (Work days)
8am - 6pm (Sat. - Sun.)
P.: + 30 2285023500
               F.: + 30 2285023501


Naxos Camping,

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